Why We Travel: Textual Questions (II & IV Sem. English B.G. Kashmir University)


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Textual Questions of Why We Travel

(II & IV Sem. English B.G. K.U)

Textual Questions of Why We Travel(II & IV Sem. English B.G. K.U)


Textual Questions of ‘Why We Travel’ (II & IV Sem. English B.G. K.U)

Q1. Pico Iyer offers a number of reasons for why one

Travels. Sum up a few of these in your own words?

Ans: In this essay Pico Iyer offers a number of  reasons that compels

one for ravel. He provides different answers to the questions which make

 travelling a pleasurable activity. some of the reasons why one travels are

according to Pico Iyer are as:

1.      The main reasons for travelling that it is acts as a liberating experience.

2.      Travelling provides us a new spirit to live life to the fullest.

3.      The Traveler pays attention to his spiritual needs.

4.      Travelling to different places and gives us opportunity to meet differnt people.

5.     Traveling makes the traveler exposed to different cultures.

6.      Traveler knows the charming beauty as well as harsh relatives of the world.

7.      Travelling helps to exchange ideas, views as well as cultural exchange.

Q2. What do you understand by terms like ‘cultural relativism’ and

‘cultural appropriation’?  Illustrate with example from the text?

Ans:- ‘Cultural relativism’ means that one’s beliefs and practices must be

  understood based on one’s own culture. In other words it refers to the idea

that the values, knowledge and behavior of man must be understood within

his own cultural. Pico Iyer has give so many examples of cultural ‘relativism’

in the text  in the form of travelling to different places of the world. 

 ‘Cultural appropriation’ mens inappropriate adoption of some elements of

one culture by another culture.  In other words, it refers to taking something of

      other culture that does not belong to one’s own culture. The author mentions the

example of different food habits or a whole new realm of exotica which arises

out of the way one culture colors and appropriates the product of another.

Q3. While conceding that tourism can destroy local cultures , Iyer believes that tourists might also revive them. What does he mean by this?

Keeping your own cultural context in mind, do you agrees with his views?

Give a reasoned Answer.

Ans:- lyer is of the view that tourists might  revive local cultures even though it has

negative effect on local cultures. He is of the view that a cultural exchange

between visitors and local communities provides valorization of total culture.

It also results in investment in the Conservation and protections of touristic

places. The record of handicrafts and ancient traditions as dances, ritual

Celebrations, etc takes place. Yes I agree with the authors view point about this.

Ever thing in this world have good as well as bad impact. But When I keep the in

my mind my own cultural and its impact by other cultures I came to conclusion that

it have refined it. We should be broad minded and we should see the good elements

of other culture and should accept good ones. Good change and modification is

necessary for everything in this world.

04. “Travelling allows us to come into contact with more essential parts of our self”

Discuss in detail what Iyer mean by this?

Ans:- Pico Iyer is an zealous advocate of travelling. He is of the view that travel

provides the much needed to our busy lives. The chaos and confusion of our daily life

 lose our spirit to live. Travelling provides us a chance to renew our spirit to life

to the fullest. We begin to pay attention to our spiritual needs each time we travel,

we questions our beliefs and reconsider our opinions. It makes us  think and reflect

on our notions. Travel does not only improve our knowledge of our own selves but

it also  makes us explore the unexplored recess of our mind. It also, makes us to

understand our own moods.

     In short, it is clear from above Iyer tries his best to explain in his essay about

 ‘travelling allows us to come into contact with more essential parts of our self”.


Q5. From your reading of the essay, what impression has you formed of Pico Iyer? Give a well argued answer.

Ans:– We have been influenced too much by the authors personality after reading this essay. He is a true cosmopolite defining himself as “ a multinational soul on a multinational globe”. Pico Iyer starts this essay by writing that main goal of travel is freedom. The travel while on  travel feels freedom in all respects. The traveler merges himself with the new environment in travelling.   The traveler is free on travel because he has no reasonability of his daily life to him on travel. Also he has no restrictions of society. He can enjoy his life without any restriction boundary of society. We can sum up this essay of Pico Iyer that traveling makes man human in real sense. 

    The travelling provides the man chances to know the reality of the world.

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