The Diary of young Girl Textual Questions ( 2nd And 4th Sem. English B.G. Kashmir University)


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The Diary of young Girl  Textual                                Questions

      The Diary of young Girl                                 (Anne Frank)

Q1. What does Anne means by ‘paper is more patient than man’? How does this maxim justify and facilitate her writing a diary?
Ans:- The diary writing was completely  private and personal act for Anne. She decided that she would not let anyone read it but to express her feelings and emotions on this.  She writes in her diary that paper is more patient than man. She writes in her diary that she did not express her inner feeling and emotions of her adolescent stage. The diary is not like the man talkative but is silent record of her thoughts. The diary did not make the judgment of any ones feelings. It keeps the emotions of other patiently on its pages. While as human beings didn’t listen her emotions and feelings. They always criticize who ever express his or her feelings with them. Same is the case with Anne which she expressed in her diary.  She says that young and adult people did not take keen heed towards her because she was only 13 years old. The diary does not make any difference on the bases of age.
 This is clear from the above that the maxim ‘paper is more patient than man’ justify her explanation. The page of the diary accepts her writing silently than man. So, the paper is able to facilitate   her to write what every she like on diary.

Q2. Comment on Anne’s relationship with her mother. Keeping the contours of this relationship in mind, what impression have you formed of Anne?
Ans: Anne s relationship with her mother was of an obscure and problematical in nature. The problems happen from the variation in character and outlook. Also, the difficulties arise from these problems. She felt that she did not fit in with them, she saw her mother.


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