National Scholarship Portal 2022-2023 – What Does Institute / School / College Level Verification Mean

In this article, J&K Students Information will share with you National Scholarship Portal 2022-2023 – What Does Institute / School / College Level Verification Mean.

National Scholarship Portal : NSP is one-stop solution through which various services starting from student application, application receipt, verification, processing, and disbursal of various scholarships to students are facilitated. National Scholarship Portal is taken as Mission Mode Project (MMP) under Digital India. This initiative aims at providing a Simplified, Mission-oriented, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent ‘SMART’ System for faster and effective disbursal of Scholarship to eligible applicants directly into their account through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) without any leakages.

National Scholarship Portal

National Scholarship Portal Registration

The primary role of the Student/ Applicant is to register and submit the application at NSP. The student/applicant who is applying for the first time on NSP portal, is referred to as Fresh Students, and the students who have been granted scholarship in any of the scheme on-boarded at NSP in the immediately preceding Academic Year, are referred to as Renewal students.

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After successfully submission of students application submission and students registration, then the students application form goes through different levels of verifications like :

Levels Of Verification

  • ➢ Step-1: Level 1 Verification of Application at Institute Level
  • ➢ Step-2: Level 2/3 Verification of Application at District/State/Ministry Level
  • ➢ Step-3: Beneficiary Records Creation and Account Validation by PFMS
  • ➢ Step-4: Applications Deduplication and Merit List Generation
  • ➢ Step-5: Payment File Generation and Financial Approval
  • ➢ Step-6: Scholarship Disbursement through DBT
  • So, in this article we will briefly discuss about Level 1 Verification of Application at Institute Level.

National Scholarship Portal 2022 – 2023, Verification of Application at Institute Level

The primary role of the Institute Nodal officer is 1st Level verification of the applications submitted by applicants at NSP. The application form for student has been simplified with minimal uploading of scanned documents by students on NSP. Hence, the role of the Institute Nodal officer becomes very critical in the entire chain of verification process.

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1st Level Verification Process & Steps

a) The Institute Nodal officer must verify the correctness of details in the application form and uploaded documents submitted by the student/ applicant, and maintain physical copies of supporting documents submitted by the student/ applicant. The District/State/Ministry Nodal Officer can ask for copies of these documents from the Institute Nodal Officers, as and when required. (National Scholarship Portal)

b) The Institute Nodal officer has the option to either Verify the application, Reject the application or Defect the application. In case she/he chooses to Reject or Defect the application, the reasons for rejection or defect must be provided, so that the same can be displayed to the student/applicant.

c) The Application defected by the Institute will be returned to student/applicant for correcting the same, and once submitted by the student/applicant, the application will be shown under Reverification section of NSP application.

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d) The Institute Nodal Officer shall ensure that appropriate due diligence is done before verification of applications in accordance with the Scheme guidelines, and internal procedure as prescribed by Institute authorities / Government are followed.

e) The Institute Nodal Officer shall ensure that the applications are scrutinized well-in- time by the Institute, thus avoiding the last-minute rush to verify the applications.

f) The Institute Nodal Officer shall ensure that there are no pending applications, as on last date of L1 verification for that particular scheme, and all applications submitted by students/applicants to the Institute are scrutinized (verified/rejected/defected along with appropriate reason, as the case may be). (National Scholarship Portal)

g) The Institute Nodal Officer can mark any application as Fake at any stage before the payment is made, using the option “Mark as Fake” under the Verification section in his/her profile, in case a fraud is suspected in the application.

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